About us

Let’s start with a bit about our background. The entire team here at top10onlinecasino.uk is composed of a bunch of mad gamblers and die hard sports fans, some of whom also work in the online bookmaking and casino industry.

We’ve come together to provide you with a single point of reference where you can find independently written research guides. These will offer comparisons of the multiple brands, products, and services available today.

The online gambling landscape is littered with bookmakers and casinos all claiming to offer the best product — the most lucrative, the most secure, or even the most fun.

Do you believe all those ads?

We don’t!

Our Mission

So what have we done? We’ve taken the time to research every site that claims to be the best, whether on their own websites or in their advertising and come to our own conclusions.

We want this to be the place where online gamblers can find the truth simply and easily.

We’ve done everything we can to enhance your online gambling experience, making it easy for you to decide on the right site. Our reviews will highlight both the positives and the negatives of everyone we recommend. That means you can make an informed and educated choice.

Top10onlinecasino.uk goes beyond because we don’t just review specific service providers; we also comment on the state of the entire market. So you can expect tips and reviews across the spectrum of the industry.

While it’s not always easy, we do try to remain objective, because we understand that each player comes here with different wants and needs, so different providers are going to appeal to different people. That is why we have created our super-user-friendly (and very detailed) online casino sites comparison list.

That’s not to say our reviews will always be perfect, but we will do our best.

Lastly, we want your input. Even though our team of writers is seasoned, and collectively we have decades of experience in this industry, we welcome your insights as well. Please add your voice by commenting on and rating the services you have used. This is incredibly helpful to us and your fellow online gamblers.

We will also vet and share any promotional offers provided, meaning you only see what we consider to be the best of the best. And rest assured we will continue to provide you with useful, accurate content on industry related news.
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